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Premier Fabric Buildings in PA

Whether you farm, raise livestock, need a place to store your equipment, or are looking to create space to expand your business, we can help. Fabric-covered buildings have been around for decades and are a proven alternative to conventional steel buildings.

Our buildings provide the convenience of traditional storage buildings at a fraction of the cost. Even better, our buildings can be constructed quickly and efficiently and provide additional advantages, such as natural lighting and ventilation.

Why Choose Us?

AccuSteel Buildings East was founded on the principles of customer satisfaction and integrity. That’s why we use only the highest-quality materials and engineering processes to ensure that our buildings will live up to our high expectations. Standing by our product, we offer the industry’s leading 20-year warranty on our steel and fabric components.

When you contact us, we listen carefully to your needs. We walk you through the available options that best suit your specifications and help you to choose which options are best for you. We design our buildings to perfectly meet your needs; however, should your business needs expand or evolve, our versatile buildings can easily be expanded or re-purposed.

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Why Fabric Buildings?

1. Superior Performance

Our fabric-covered buildings provide many advantages over traditional steel buildings. From cost-saving natural lighting and ventilation to interlocking modular bays that reduce maintenance costs, our buildings are designed to meet your exact needs.

2. Affordable

Fabric-covered buildings have a lower-cost of ownership over the lifetime of the building. That means your capital investment goes farther and works harder for your business.

3. Easy to Install

We use a specially designed interlocking Keder system that not only reduces construction time, but also reduces maintenance costs and allows for the ability to expand your building to accommodate growth.

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We have experience

With decades of experience and the best engineering practices and materials available, you can’t go wrong with our fabric-covered buildings. Contact us today to get started designing your new project!

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